Who We Are


The strength of Compass’ success & performance continues to be the dedication of a committed workforce & our tenants.

We continuously work to increase the supply of housing for our potential clients, properly maintaining our housing assets and assisting clients in sustaining their tenancies.


Established in 1985, Compass Housing Services Co Limited (Compass) is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to alleviate the hardship of housing stress for low to moderate income earning households by providing secure and affordable housing, as well as delivering housing products for disadvantaged people who have difficulties sourcing adequate and affordable housing.

Compass manages social housing in a similar manner to state government provided social housing, with operations regulated by the national community housing performance-based registration system.

Compass also has a commercial real estate office My Place Property which offers commercial real estate services as well as managing our affordable housing.

We also have a homelessness initiative in Newcastle “This Way Home” and a community hub “The Meeting Place” in the Central Coast and are also working on our new community hub (123) in Broken Hill.

Compass is registered under the National Community Housing Regulatory System (NCHRS) as a Tier 1 provider, and holds a full certificate of accreditation under the National Community Housing Standards.

As at 30 June, Compass managed a total of 3,317 properties, operating from nine service facilities, and supported by a head office in New South Wales (NSW).

Since then Compass has added another 934 properties under management and an office located in QLD after our merger with 4walls. We have also been awarded the transfer of management of approximately 4,700 properties under the Logan Renewal Initiative which will come under our management in 2015.


Compass not only provides social and affordable housing options to those in need, but we also provide disability, supported, seniors and indigenous housing, as well as manage a housing initiative to alleviate homelessness.

Compass’ primary function continues to be tenancy and asset management. Compass has a long history of effective tenancy and asset management, and we manage arrears and vacancy rates below regulatory benchmarks.

Our 2013/2014 Annual Tenant Survey also demonstrates our industry leading level of tenant satisfaction, with 89% of residents satisfied with the services provided by Compass.

Compass actively pursues the highest level of service standards in the provision of housing to our clients.

Compass continues to work diligently, as it has for the last 29 years of operation, to provide quality community housing services.

Compass will continue to work with governments, stakeholders, and support partners to increase housing opportunities for those in need throughout Australia.

For our targeted client group, we aim to be
‘your direction home’.

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Our Tenants

14% IDENTIFIED AS being homeless Prior to moving into a compass property


3% From a non-english speaking background

20% Living with a physical or mental disability








Household Composition:

For 86% of our households, their main income source is government assistance.

78% of households comprised of single persons or single parent families.


92% With the events that Compass provides

90% With the way Compass involves tenants

89% With services that Compass provides

92% With the overall condition of their home

86% That their rights as a tenant are upheld by Compass

Age of Compass Residents during the year:


Our Team

Compass has a strong commitment to staff engagement and is in the top 25% of organisations surveyed by AON Hewitt in staff engagement.



Professional development

training expenditure


of senior management

positions were held

by females

AON Hewitt Staff Engagement measures the strength of engagement with our organisation on many levels:

Corporate Responsibility

93% This is a socially & environmentally responsible organisation

86% I am proud to be part of this organisation

86% My co–workers respect my thoughts & feelings

79% We are responsive to the changing needs of our customers

92% Learning & development opportunities at this organisation to help me build valuable skills

88% This organisation’s goals & objectives are meaningful to me

Work / Life Balance

84% My current state of physical & mental health allows me to perform my job very effectively


Compass has provided excellent opportunities and a wonderful path in which I feel a valued  member of. I am also proud to contribute to the community.

I feel honoured to be part of a wonderful, dynamic organisation that plays such an important role in our community and makes a difference in people’s lives.

My overall work experience with Compass Housing has been one of opportunity, support and encouragement. This allows me to continue to learn & grow with Compass and provides me with confidence and capabilities to be the best that I can be.


Our Organisation


2014 Report Card

key performance indicators 2014 2013 2012
Tenant Satisfaction
Overall satisfaction with the organisation 89% 88% 86%
Satisfaction with ways in which Compass involve tenants 90% 89% 89%
Satisfaction with ways in which Compass communicate with tenants 87% 87% 88%
label 2014 2013 2012
Service Development
Total Properties Managed as at 30 June 3,317 3,245 3,349
Total Properties Managed under Housing NSW Programs 2,881 2,882 2,826
label 2014 2013 2012
Financial Management
Cash at end of year $27.5 M $17.3 M $11.9 M
Net Profit $21.9 M $4.9 M $19.2 M
(Net Operating Profit ex Capital Grants / Contributions) $8.3 M $4.9 M $5.7 M
Retained Profit $192.4 M $170.5 M $169.8 M
label 2014 2013 2012
Housing Management
Arrears 2.0% 2.0% 1.5%
Market Rent loss via void / vacancy 2.3% 1.5% 2.0%
label 2014 2013 2012
Human Resources
Number of full time equivalent staff 86 87 82
Training Spend $116K $109K $85K
label 2014 2013 2012
Combined maintenance expenditure $5.2M $6.2M $5.7M
label 2014 2013 2012
Repairs & Maintenance Completions
Number of service requests raised 15,040 14,614 18,349
Number of service requests completed 14,457 17,980 13,588
label 2014 2013 2012
Social Inclusion
Number of tenants volunteering 660 570 289
Number of tenants participating in activities 870 488 176

Compass' Asset Portfolio


directly owned
by Compass


across regional





AS At 30 June 2014 Compass operated 9 branches across regional NSW & managed 3,317 properties over 14 local government areas.

Compass directly owns 847 of these properties:

  • With 228 purchased with capital funding assistance from the Centre for Affordable Housing under SHGF and NRAS government initiatives
  • 561 through vested title from Housing NSW
  • 57 new properties delivered through leveraging off the vested title properties and 1 property redeveloped as part of leveraging activities
  • The balance of properties under management consists of 11 under Fee for Service arrangements with Community and Private Market Housing Directorate (CAPMH)
  • 146 under Fee for Service arrangements with AHO and the private market
  • 1,894 were Housing NSW capital properties managed under head lease arrangements and 418 were private leaseholds subsidised under Housing NSW Community Housing Leasehold Program




For the
2013-14 year
Compass added
an additional


New Properties
to our portfolio

Comprising of:

6 New social housing properties

Through leveraging from vested assets, as well as funding provided by the Commonwealth Department of Social Services Supported Accommodation Innovation Fund

41 New social housing dwellings under NRAS

22 New affordable properties committed to under NRAS

With these properties added to our portfolio, Compass completed the acquisition of all properties committed to under all rounds of NRAS tenders, including an additional 8 dwellings over our original target. Compass has also delivered 33% of the properties committed to under our Vesting Agreement with the NSW Land & Housing Corporation and NSW Department of Family & Community Services.

In addition to the properties available for rent, we have exchanged, or are in the process of exchanging, contracts on another 98 properties, which are anticipated to be available to rent by 2017. This will bring our delivered target under the Vested Agreement to 94% in the first six years of the 10 year agreement.

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Our Assets & Maintenance Team provided maintenance services to 55 capital properties owned by NSW Land & Housing Corporation and operated by Specialist Homelessness Services across the following LGA’s:

Acquisitions & Developments

This financial year resulted in the successful delivery of a further 69 new dwellings through various programs to the Compass asset stock. From 2009 through to 30 June 2014, Compass has delivered an additional 286 affordable and social housing dwellings, with a further 98 dwellings currently in the pipeline, creating a total of 454 dwellings due for completion by the end of 2017.

We believe these outcomes would not be possible without the collaborative partnerships between Compass and local developers, as well as the ongoing commitment of Commonwealth and NSW State Governments in providing much needed social and affordable housing.

Notably, in the new financial year, Compass received the second tranche of vested titles from our successful 2010 tender with the NSW Government. This means that approximately $137 million will be further added to Compass assets from July 2014. We applaud the NSW Government for fulfilling this commitment, and this will enable a much safer loan-to-value ratio for Compass.


Compass entered into a partnership with a local developer to deliver this development of 24 studio and one bedroom apartments. This development is well located within close proximity to many services and transport options, as well as close to the inner city of Newcastle.

The modern design and finishes consider environmental sustainability and allow functional living, which has since received recognition from winning the HIA Award being awarded Special Purpose Housing of the Year, as well as Apartment Complex of the Year. These units were built by Graph Building and were delivered through the Commonwealth and State Government’s National Rental Affordability Scheme.


HIA special purpose housing

of the year award


HIA apartment complex

of the year award

Elermore Vale

Compass delivered the first homes under the Supported Accommodation Innovation Fund (SAIF) contract, which was awarded to Compass in 2012 by the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA) to build 20 new two bedroom homes for people with a severe or profound disability in the Newcastle and Central Coast areas.

These properties are architecturally designed houses attaining platinum level under the Australian Liveable Housing Design guidelines and include key features to make the homes easier to enter and access, safer and more functional to use.

These homes will be located across six suburbs, including Wallsend, Elermore Vale, Edgeworth, Wyoming, Gorokan, and Canton Beach. The partnership will see Compass responsible for building and maintaining the properties, whilst Ability Options is responsible for providing support services.

Compass is proud to be involved in such a much needed and important project.





Compass worked with the developer to deliver this stunning complex comprising of 16 units of seven studio apartments, four 1 bedroom units, and five 2 bedroom units.

The development is contemporary in design, and complete with environmental fittings and finishes, as well as being located within a vibrant community at the city centre of Belmont, offering a myriad of services and shopping options.

These units were built by Base Build Pty Ltd and delivered through the Commonwealth and State Government’s National Rental Affordability Scheme.


Compass worked with local developer ABL Property to deliver this contemporary, well designed and functional complex of 15 one and two bedroom units.

This development is located in the midst of East Maitland CBD, a convenient location offering a myriad of employment opportunities, services and shopping options.

These dwellings were delivered through the Commonwealth and State Government’s National Rental Affordability Scheme.